Dog walking is the best job in the world. Here’s Why.

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We might be a slight bit biased but we feel very strongly that dog walking is the best job in the world.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to spend our days with the most amazing animals on the planet.  Here are some of the reasons we are confident that being a dog walker is the best job around.

You get to work outside!

We all know that spring/summer is the best season to spend time outside in Chicago; however walking around through all the seasons has the potential to be wonderful.  From the falling leaves of Autumn to the first little snowflakes of winter every season is beautiful.  Even the stillness of the lakefront on a crisp January morning can be utterly inspiring.

All the wonderful people you will meet.

From the neighbors, people at the park, mailman and delivery guys.  When you interact with people daily you build a sense of community.  Everyone loves to meet dogs and you by association!  If you are single or looking to make friends there is no better way to meet people than behind the leash of an adorable canine.  Dog walking is the original networking app!

You get to be a big part of a dogs life.

Maybe you aren’t in the position to own a dog of your own.  Dog walking can be a rewarding substitute to having your own dog at home or a way to incorporate more dogs into your life (always a good idea).  We meet many of our furry clients when they are puppies and stay connected to them through adulthood.  It is life affirming to watch how they change and mature before your eyes.  From the unbridled abandon of a puppy to the relaxed nap-loving life of an adult.

Dogs LOVE their Dog Walker

Everyone knows that dogs are one of the few animals capable of loving their family more than themselves.  Who do you think they love almost as much as their family?  Their dog walker of course!  For dogs, the most exciting part of the day next to parents coming home is when the dog walker arrives.  We have the privilege to be the one who lets the dog do their dogging and they never forget it!  Seeing the enthusiasm when we walk in the door can be an instant mood-lifting boost.   Try having a bad day when you are showered in love all day long.

You can’t!  It’s not possible.


A dog walker can hoof it over 10 miles in a given day.  Many dog walkers get around via bicycle which amps up the workout even higher.  That is some serious low impact cardio calorie burning right there!  Never feel guilty again about ordering the dessert, you earned it!  Get ready for toned calves and say goodbye to those stubborn love handles.  No need for a gym membership with this job.  You have new personal trainer; his name is Mr. Spot.  And not only is he full of enthusiasm, but he’s an amazing source of positive reinforcement.

Health benefits of being in nature

Lots (like tons) of scientific studies have linked well-being with spending time in nature.  Some of the contributing factors to this are the vitamin D from good ol’ sunshine and ample fresh air.  Most people simply do not get enough of these essential life ingredients.  These two simple things can ease depression, offer an improved outlook on life, heighten one’s focus and strengthen the immune system.

Break the shackles of the 9 to 5

Let’s be real, there are few things more soul crushing than a job you hate.  Sitting under fluorescent lights, staring at cubicle walls, the only exercise walking back and forth to the copy machine.  While many people follow the typical eight-hour work day, it is not for everyone.  Doing something you love is inspiring and adds to all aspects of your life.  The typical dog walker works from mid morning to mid/late afternoon.  This leaves plenty of time for other soul filling pursuits.  

Get paid to do what you love.

One of the quickest routes to happiness and life satisfaction is getting paid to do something you love. The benefits spill over into other aspects of your life; your relationships will improve, your energy levels will go up, you will get more enjoyment out of life and have an overall higher level of fulfillment.

Not so great but still far better than your normal job things

So let’s be real.  We have been highlighting the positive aspects of this job.  As with any other job on the planet, there are some not so amazing things that are required.  The first thing that comes to mind and that can be a struggle for some is picking up the poop.  If you have a solid roll of bags your chances of coming into direct contact with said poo is minuscule.  It is something you get used to very quickly and if you have ever had a furry family member you have probably already gotten over it.  In addition Chicago weather can be challenging.  However, these less than ideal times are rare in the grand scheme of things and can be mitigated with planning and a positive mindset.

Bottom line:  Do it for the dogs

If you love dogs very few things will make you happier than spending your day filled with them.  When you connect with a pet, oxytocin the hormone correlated with stress and anxiety relief is released.  This helps to reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol (bad for you) levels.

Has this post helped open your eyes to the amazing world of dog walking?  Live in Chicago or Austin?  Check out some careers available at Let’s Walk!

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