10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

Whether you are heading out of town for a two-week vacation or just leaving for an overnight business trip, it is always important to know that your four legged family members are safe and well cared for. If like most people, you are uncomfortable with the idea of dropping your dog off at a boarding kennel, then this means finding a pet sitter. There are plenty of pet sitters out there to choose from, but do you know the real benefits of working with a professional pet sitter instead of the lady next door?

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pet Sitter

So, Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

1. A Pet Sitter Should be Prepared

A professional pet sitter (like our pet sitters here at Let’s Walk Chicago) is fully trained to handle every situation! Whether it’s an upset tummy or an accidental tumble, a professional is always prepared and will care for your pup like their own. This means more peace of mind for you, but more importantly, a responsible guardian for your dog when you’re not home!


2. The Importance of Qualifications

A professional pet sitter is insured, licensed, and bonded. This lets you feel secure knowing that you’re not leaving your fur child in the hands of just anyone. What does it mean to be insured, licensed, and bonded? It means that should something happen when your pet is in the sitter’s care, the cost of any property damage, medical fees, or veterinary expenses are covered.


3. Individual Service

A professional pet sitter caters their services to your dog’s needs! Sampson doesn’t like water? They won’t walk him around the lake. Fifi needs to take her walk at a leisurely pace? They’ll take all the time she needs. Just like children, our dogs have likes, dislikes, and special needs. For a relationship to be successful, a sitter must understand and cater to these needs.


4. Availability of Vet Contacts

A professional pet sitter always has veterinary resources on hand. This means that your pup is always provided for if they develop a runny nose or need a checkup for an ongoing condition. Whenever you leave your pet there is the concern of “what if…” Knowing that your sitter has veterinary help on call is always reassuring.


5. One-On-One Time

A professional pet sitter knows the value of one on one time for your dog. They won’t hesitate to give your dog all of the attention that they need. Dogs need contact, stimulation, and affection in order to be happy. Any sitter-dog relationship should provide all of these things.


6. Ongoing Training

A professional pet sitter is experienced in positive training approaches. They take a pet sitting opportunity to reinforce your dog’s training. Reinforcing training provides mental stimulation, but it also reminds your dog of their manners!


7. Life Enrichment

A professional pet sitter gives much more to your pet than a five-minute walk every day. They take the opportunity to spend time with your pet and enrich their life. From talking to your dog to interacting with them on walks, every sitter-dog relationship should be built upon more than a quick walk around the block!


8. Daily Notes

A professional pet sitter offers a “pawsonalized” report card to keep you up to date on your dog’s progress. Report cards keep you in the loop of your dog’s daily activities and give you a way to gauge how well your dog is adjusting to their time without you.


9. Customized Experiences

A professional pet sitter knows how important it is to really get to know your pup as an individual. This personal knowledge allows them to offer a 100% pawsitive experience to your dog by being able to provide a customized adventure each time your sitter and dog are together!


10. Photographs and Reports

A professional pet sitter understands the stress that you experience when you have to leave your pup. The professional also knows the value of providing daily updates, pictures, and progress reports on your furbaby’s day.

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