5 Great Benefits of Having a Dog Walker with Insurance

Benefits of Having a Dog Walker With InsuranceWhen it comes to selecting a dog walker for your four-legged children, there are many important characteristics to look for. You want someone friendly, someone who understands your dog’s needs, and someone who you feel safe leaving your dog with. Another often overlooked quality, however, is the carrying of dog walker insurance!

Why do you need a dog walker who has dog walker insurance? Let’s take a look!

5 Benefits to an Insured Dog Walker

Your Dog is Cared for in the Event of an Accident!

When a dog walker takes your dog out, there is always the chance that an accident could happen involving your dog. Your dog might step on a piece of glass and cut their paw. Your dog might slip on some rocks and twist their leg. Any number of things could happen. While responsible dog walkers prevent accidents whenever they can, these things happen! When they carry insurance, however, your dog’s medical care is covered if the accident is a result of your dog walkers negligence.

Why should you care? Because while you might feel that your dog walker should pay your dog’s vet bill, they might not! If they don’t have the money for the bill or simply refuse to pay, you are stuck with the cost. You could get compensation through courts, but this will take time and money!

Your Home is Protected

This may sound odd, but dog walking insurance can protect your home as well! Imagine that your dog walker has come by to take your dog out while you are at work. As they leave, they forget to lock the door and while they are gone your house is robbed. Without insurance coverage, you would have to file for your losses on homeowners insurance or go after your dog walker for compensation! A walker with coverage, however, will be covered under their policy for your reimbursement!

Other Dogs Are Protected!

What will happen if your dog is out on a walk with your dog walker and they bit another dog? There could be any reason behind the biting incident, but who is going to cover the other dog’s medical bill? When your walker has insurance, their policy covers any dog injured by the dog they are walking. This means that you don’t have to pay out of pocket. This also means that you won’t be sued or taken to court for vet expenses of the other dog.

Your Property is Protected

When your dog walker is insured, your home property is covered under their policy. What does this mean? It means that, for example, if your dog walker is late showing up and your dog consequently has an accident that ruins your rug, your rug is covered! This type of coverage extends to anything in your home that is ruined or damaged as a result of your walker’s actions.

Other People’s Property is Protected

When your dog walker is insured it’s not just your property that is covered! If for example, your walker takes your dog to a dog park and they find another owner’s unattended sweater and shred it, that sweater is covered! Instead of you having to pay for the damage that your dog did to that sweater, your walker’s insurance will cover it instead!


So, if you are still on the search for a dog walker, keep in mind that an insured walker is going to save you money and keep you, your dog, and other people protected!

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  • An insured dog walking service does seem to make sense if my home is protected with their insurance. I was not aware that other dogs are also protected with their insurance once I hire them so I’ll consider this before hiring anyone. If they can protect my property as well, I might just get them so that I can be sure that I’ll come home with everything intact in my home.

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