Why You Should Consider Getting a Cat Sitter

Why You Need a Cat SitterPet owners often hire a dog sitter or dog walker, but rarely consider getting a cat sitter! There are many benefits to getting a cat sitter that are often overlooked, though. Just because cats are more independent people think that they wouldn’t appreciate the care of a sitter. This simply isn’t true!

A Cat Sitter Offers Playtime and Companionship

Just because cats are more independent, it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy companionship. When you are at home you cat is content knowing that you are there. They even enjoy playtime with you and their favorite toys! When you are out at work or away on business, however, your cat doesn’t have this opportunity to interact.

When you hire an insured cat sitter, though, your cat has the opportunity to interact and play! You might not realize it, but even cats get lonely sometimes!

A Cat Sitter Lets Your Cat Stay in the Comfort of Their Home

If you travel frequently, then you likely have experience with kenneling. No animal likes being kennelled. Being boarded at a kennel exposes your pet to illness, loud noises, unfamiliar territory, unfamiliar animals, and rarely offers the comfort of home. A cat sitter, however, lets your cat stay at home and provides interactive play, sanitary services, and clean food and water regularly! Most importantly, though, a sitter ensures that your cat isn’t exposed to a stressful foreign environment or illness!

A Cat Sitter Keeps Your Home Sanitary

Whether you are leaving on a business trip for the weekend or heading on vacation for two weeks, litter boxes get smelly! No one wants to get home to a house that smells like dirty litter box. Fortunately, with a cat sitter, you don’t have to! When you hire a cat sitter, they will clean your cat’s litter box regularly. This makes sure that at no time does your house get that awful dirty litter smell. Having the litter box cleaned regularly also means that you cat has a clean and sanitary place to use the bathroom. This is important not only for your cat’s health but also to prevent your cat from tracking dirty litter through the house.

A Cat Sitter Monitors Your Cat’s Health

We all worry about our pets when we have to leave them for any period of time. When you have a cat sitter they will keep a watchful eye on your cat’s health.They can even send you daily updates on how your cat is doing and include pictures or videos! A cat sitter can also ensure that your cat receives medications and treatments on time every day. This offers much more peace of mind than having to call a boarding kennel. Plus, it’s much more comfortable than have someone you don’t know update you on your cat’s wellbeing.

A Cat Sitter Can Keep an Eye on Your Home

Not only does a cat sitter provide valuable services to your cat, but they also provide service for your home. While you are away, your cat sitter will be able to keep an eye on your home. Whether it’s a sudden plumbing leak or a break in, your sitter can keep you up to date! Plus, having someone come and go from your house when you aren’t home will help to keep up the appearance of someone being home.

A Cat Sitter Can Offer Emergency Care

If you are out of town or simply at work and your cat sitter comes by and finds your cat feeling unwell, they can act quickly! This is an incredible peace of mind to any cat owner. Often the outcome of an illness depends on the speed of medical care so fast action is a must. If your sitter finds your cat in a medical emergency or feeling unwell, they can contact you and quickly seek treatment!

Cat Sitters Are Invaluable!

If you need peace of mind when you are forced to leave your cat for any period of time, then a cat sitter is the answer. Able to provide day to day service, companionship, and health care, your sitter can become your stand-in when you are unable to be there for your cat.

Doesn’t your cat deserve a watchful eye looking over them when you aren’t home? 

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