The Benefits of In-Home Boarding

In-Home Boarding BenefitsWhen you are forced to leave your dog to go out of town, you may consider using kennel boarding services. Did you know, though, that in-home boarding offers many more benefits to your pet?

6 Benefits of In-Home Boarding For Your Dog

Lower Stress Levels

In-home boarding offers your dog a less stressful environment to stay in while you are away. When you are away is stressful enough as is, why add to that? Instead, give your dog the comforts of home under the watchful eye of a petsitter.

Less Risk of Illness

In-home boarding puts your dog at much less risk for illness! Boarding kennels are a breeding ground for illnesses like kennel cough. This risk of illness is especially worrisome if you have a younger, older, or immunocompromised dog. You can avoid exposing your dog to this increased risk of illness by keeping them at home instead. Hire a pet sitter who can take care of daily routines and keep your pup healthy at home.

More One-on-One Attention

When you choose in-home boarding, your dog gets the one on one attention they are used to. In a larger boarding facility, dogs cannot get one on one attention because of the number of dogs being boarded. Hiring a pet sitter for in-home boarding, however, gives your dog an opportunity to be the one and only!

No Potty Accidents

In-home boarding means no accidents! When your dog is boarded in a large kennel, they are often pushed to hold their bathroom needs. Very often this results in accidents that make your dog feel ashamed and can lead to urine burn on their skin. When you hire a pet sitter for in-home sitting, however, these accidents aren’t a problem because your dog is being let out on their regular schedule!

Less Anxiety

In-home pet sitting offers an anxiety free boarding solution for dogs that suffer from extreme anxiety. Whether your dog suffers separation anxiety or anxiety due to unfamiliar situations, in-home boarding can help! In familiar surroundings with familiar sounds and smells, your dog will find it much easier to relax even without you home!

Closer Monitoring of Your Dog

In-home pet sitting gives you the chance to keep close tabs on your dog. Where larger kennel facilities may be too busy to notice slight changes in your dog’s behavior or a new scratch on their face, your pet sitter will! A pet sitter sees your dog as an individual and valued dog and not just one of many.


Do you think that your dog might benefit from an in-home boarding solution? If you live in the Chicago area give us a call at 773.857.1261 and ask how we can help you!

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  • My wife and I are going on vacation in a couple months and we are looking into what to do with our dog so that he has a place to stay when we live. Like you mentioned, putting your dog in a kennel boarding service can be detrimental because they will end up using the same kennel they sleep in for a bathroom. In that cases, I agree that an in-home pet sitter would be a much better option than anything else. That way your dog will be happy while you are gone and awaiting your return.

  • My husband and I are planning a vacation this year to celebrate our anniversary. We’ll probably need someone to watch our dog while we’re gone. I love your tip about how a boarding kennel can provide more one-on-one attention. I know our pet would love this.

  • I like what you said about how in-home boarding will help my dog get more one-on-one attention. My family has a vacation soon and we can’t take our dog with us, so I wanted to see if I could find a good pet-boarding facility or home for him. Thank you for the information about how hiring a pet sitter for in-home boarding will give our dog the chance to be the only one to have attention without it being divided amongst many.

  • Thanks for the advice about the benefits of In-home boarding. Finding something that will be able to look after your dog all day would be helpful. My husband and I are looking for a boarding facility, so we’ll have to consider what kind of routine they have. You have pointed some crucial points exceptionally well. Please keep posting!!

  • I love that you mentioned that putting my dog in an in-home pet boarding facility would help him lower his stress levels. Since there’s a lower risk of illness, I’m sure that he’ll be fine in one. Personally, I think he needs one-on-one attention during my vacation trip away so I will consider looking for one.

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