Becoming a City Dog: Helping Your Dog to Adjust to City Life

City Dog LifeLife as a city dog isn’t all that hard, at least not if you have always been a city dog. But, what about dogs that have spent a good portion of their lives as dogs with room to roam? If you are considering a move to the city, then this could be a real concern.

Dogs adjust to change quite easily. They are adaptable and certainly not as fickle as their human counterparts. That isn’t to say, however, that dogs undergoing the transition to city life won’t require a little extra TLC.

So, what can you do to help your dog to adjust to life in an urban area? How can you help your dog who once had room to run free, to adjust to life on a leash?

City Dog Life is Easier Than You Think

The first thing that you need to know is that city dog life is much easier on your dog than you think.

Unfortunately, many families facing a move to the city turn their dog into the local shelter because they think it’s the best choice for their dog. This is simply not true. Dogs value companionship much more than they value a large back yard or long country walks. Sure, those things are enjoyable, but they don’t begin to measure up to the love and companionship of a family!

If you are facing a country to city move, keep in mind that as long as your dog’s basic needs are met, they are happy!

City Dog Life Tips

Once you make the move to the city, there are many tips that can help you both to adjust to the change.

  • Find a local dog park and make new friends! You could both use the friendly faces in a new and strange place!
  • Look into local doggy daycare options. Doggy daycare will give your dog a chance to run free in safety. Plus, they will have plenty of new friends to make in the process.
  • Add extra walks to your schedule. Walking around the city is a great way for your dog to get the exercise that they need as well as for you to learn more about your new neighborhood.
  • Find a dog walker! If you are working away from home, it may be difficult for you to get back home to let your dog out to potty on time. You may also find yourself worrying about your dog being able to adjust to the new sounds in the city. Hiring a dog walker will provide someone who can take care of these things for you!
  • Consider petsitters. If you are worried about your dog adjusting to the sounds and changes of city life, but aren’t dog-friendly, consider getting a pet sitter. A pet sitter can drop in and spend time with your dog and reassure them that their new city life isn’t as scary as they think! Plus, an added bonus of a pet sitter is that they can reassure you that your pet is doing just fine as well!

City Dogs Can Be Made

What you need to remember when you move to any big city and bring your dog along, is that city dogs can be made! Just like humans, dogs may need a little while to adjust to any new change in their life. As you both explore your new city together, though, you can discover the many benefits to living an urban life!

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