Gina is a graduate of The University of Iowa. She is the Vice President of Let’s Walk Chicago and an avid animal lover. Growing up along side of her late Chocolate Lab, Sammy, Gina relates and strives to help families care for their pets. She has devoted her life to positively impacting the lives of animals and serving the community. In 2018, Gina earned her CPPS-Certified Professional Pet Sitter® designation from Pet Sitters International.


Hi, I’m Michelle! I’ve been a Chicago resident for over 5 years and am a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’m a lifelong animal lover and have been taking care of dogs and cats of all ages for neighbors and friends since high school. I would love to have a German Shepherd someday, but right now my house is ruled by two tiny cat overlords adopted from PAWS. I can’t wait to meet your pups!


My name is Sarah Ballard and I became an official Chicagoan in 2016, though I grew up in the Suburbs.  And I moved from the ‘burbs’ with my spouse of 12 years & 2 children to Pilsen.
I love being with dogs, and I love walking! So becoming a dog walker made sense for me since it was a way to combine my love of dogs and my love of walking.  Plus I also love caring for dogs and all pets since pets really are simply the best thing in the world!
Dogs are very special animals and I feel very privileged to be a dog walker now.
I am so glad to be available to do walks with your pet and give great care to your furry friend(s)!   


Tanzen has been with Let’s Walk Chicago since 2016. She is an artist and animal lover from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013 with a BFA, and now lives in Chicago with a cat named August. Tanzen has always enjoyed the company of dogs and cats alike. She has been dog walking and cat sitting for her neighbors, friends, and family ever since high school. Tanzen even has experience caring for chickens!


Hello Chicago! I’m Chris! Filmmaker and Dog Lover. Even though I took care of my black Labrador and many other dogs growing up, I professionally became a dog walker in June 2018 and I Love it. Hope to one day own a pug but until then, I want to take care of your dog. I wanna be Shaggy to your Scooby Doo. I’m Happy to be part of the Let Walk Chicago Family.


Hey, I’m Katie! I’m an avid dog lover with three pitbulls of my own. I grew up in a home that always fostered animals which carried over passionately into adulthood. I’m looking forward to taking great care of your poochies!


Hi, I’m Nancy. I’ve been a Chicago resident my whole life. I have an Associates Degree in Business from Wilbur Wright College. I’m a lifelong animal lover and have taken care of many dogs and cats for neighbors and friends. I also have a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Sara, an orange Tabby cat named Garfield, and two filled fishtanks! I look forward to taking great care of your pups.


Nick is Let’s Walk Chicago’s Field Manager. After 7 awesome months of being one of LWC’s best pet care specialists, Nick was promoted to Field Manager in 2018. Not only is he a great asset to our team but he shows his true love and passion for all of our LWC pups each and every day. Nick is known for his upbeat personality, comical reports and his selfies with his pup clients!


 Hi! My name is sam I’ve been a Illinois resident my whole life I lived in the suburbs but have recently moved to the city and am currently in the process of becoming a paramedic . I love everything dogs ever since I was born I’ve always had dogs around me and always enjoyed the company of dogs there always there to brighten up your day! I’m so happy I have the opportunity to meet and get to know your pups!!


Mikaela is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago. She grew up wanting to work for the ASPCA, then discovered while making a documentary about it for school that she loved filmmaking. She grew up with a feisty little Yorkie named Rosie, who’s now the ripe old age of 14. She can’t wait until she can get a dog to call her own, but in the mean time she’s spending as much time as she can with other people’s dogs to fill the void.


Hello, my name’s Leora! I absolutely love all things dog! I grew up right here in Chicago with shepherd mixes, and now have a rambunctious lab mix at home. Aside from dogs, I’ve kept snakes, fish, and even tarantulas, as pets before. I look forward to caring for your puppies!