August 4, 2020


Let’s Walk Chicago + RelaxMyDog

Let’s Walk Chicago is a proud partner of RelaxMyDog, the Netflix for pets or… “Petflix”! RMD provides music and videos specifically designed to help dogs overcome anxiety, loneliness, stress, boredom, and hyperactivity. With over 7 years of research, they have created loads of content that can be streamed from any device.

Here are some fun facts about RelaxMyDog:

  • It has been proven to help 87% of dogs who try it
  • 12 million dogs around the world use it
  • Dogs who use it consume around 1,000 years of content every 28 days
  • RMD has been featured on the New York Post, BBC, Fox News, Forbes, and more

Why should you try it?

It’s safe to say that over the past few months your pup has been living their best life… They have most likely spent more time with you than they ever have in their whole lives. As some of you begin to return to the office, you may start to see your pup show signs of separation anxiety for the first time. LWC is here to help relieve that anxiety with not only providing them the exercise they need but also with content specifically designed to do so through RelaxMyDog. These signs include accidents indoors, barking & howling excessively, chewing furniture, attempting to escape and pacing. For those of you who may still be working from home, do you notice your pup getting restless in the evening? RMD can help with that as well as it also aids sleep.

If you have struggled with your dog’s anxiety in the past, you may have heard, in addition to extra dog walks, pet professionals advise you to turn on some music or leave on the television for your dog. The best part about RelaxMyDog is that you don’t have to choose a channel or song that could potentially produce more anxiety… you will have the perfect content made just for your dog’s needs at the palm of your hands.

RelaxMyDog is easy to use. Their app is available to download on any iOS device, Android device, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV and Roku. There are flexible plans available and you can cancel at anytime. There are watch and listen options to aid sleep, to alleviate separation anxiety, to aid relaxation, to comfort sick pups, to calm your dog during grooming, to mask the scare of loud noises, to relax puppies specifically, and so much more.