Have a dog?

We love dogs and have been walking them for over 12 years!  Need daily dog walking?  We do that! Need vacation care?  We do that!  Need transport to the vet or groomer?  We do that!  Need fluffy dressed up as a boat captain for her trip out on lake Michigan?  We are certainly open to discussing it!

Meet and Greet

Make sure your dog walker is the perfect companion!

Same Walker Every Visit

We want your dog to bond with his dog walker.  By having one caregiver we ensure consistency in visits.

Safety is our #1 Priority.  

We cater all walks to the dog and weather conditions.  We have done over 50,000 walks without injury to a pet.

Training Reinforcement

Let us help reinforce dog and puppy training while you are away.

On Call Veterinarian 

We have the information for your vet, our vet and animal care and control in case of emergency.

Pet Care Team

We operate as a team.  This means you always have a backup walker and manager in case of emergency.

Ready to set up a Meet & Greet?

Have a cat?

We love cats!  We know cat personalities can be a little….how you say…unique.  We will cater our services to meet the needs of your kitty!  Back rubs to toys and games, we do it all.  And of course we always clean the litter box.

Your Cat is Unique

We know your cat is not like the others.  A unique personality is what made you fall in love in the first place.  We cater our services to fit your cats needs.

Playtime is a Priority

Cats miss their owners.  We help to alleviate the loneliness with lots of attention and ample playtime.

Litter Box Maintenence

Your cat appreciates a clean litter box and so do we!  We freshen the litter during every visit.

Food & Medications

We take detailed notes on feeding and any needed Medications.  Your cats special needs are always addressed.

Contact us today for a no obligation Cat Consultation!